Research & Development

Overview of R&D Capabilities

We have two production facilities, both located in the Shanghai area and located near our headquarters and a total of ten (10) R&D laboratories (including 4 walk-in hood laboratories) with a total of 30+ scientists at Hongene Biotech. Of those labs, eight (8) R&D laboratories focus on nucleoside, nucleotide, and phosphoramidite studies and two (2) R&D laboratories focus on enzyme studies and bioconversion.

Our science advisors include three full-time senior professors retired from the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science (CAS). Each of them has more than 40 years experience of nucleoside, nucleotide, and enzyme studies.

Our R&D laboratories feature typical nucleoside and nucleotide laboratory equipment as well as some modern analytical equipment such as HPLC, GC, LC/MS, prep-LC and more.

Facility 1

The first facility features two production buildings and has the following capabilities:

Facility 2

The second facility had its groundbreaking in October of 2011 and was fully commissioned in February of 2013. With about 100,000 square feet of total production area for nucleosides and nucleotides, pilot and commercial manufacturing (nucleoside chemistry, workups and column purification) and a phosphoramidite production area. Additional capabilities include: