We are a US-based biotechnology company, incorporated in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

A subsidiary of Hongene Biotechnology Limited, located in Shanghai, China, we focus on research, development and manufacturing (for both pilot and commercial scales) of nucleoside, nucleotide, and phosphoramidite products. For more information click here.

We have a decade of experience working with and serving the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Amongst our primary customers are world-class pharmaceuticals, biotech firms, and fine chemical and catalog companies, located mainly in US and Europe.

Reliability and Consistency

In our pursuit of the highest levels of reliability and consistency we implement the following:

Business Model

Our business model centers on high quality (tight spec and impurity profiles), environmental awareness (with a bioconversion process and water treatment recycle system), a focus on consistently reliable results and, ultimately, cost control that brings a competitive price to the table.